About Auto Digi Expo - Edition II

22nd to 25th February, 2022
Past Edition
The First Edition of the Auto Digi Expo was a super success that saw the participation of the global automotive industry.

Automotive industry leaders from over 115 countries met and showcased their products at the Auto Digi Expo. The 3D product display was remarkably well-received by both the exhibitors and the visitors.

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The First Edition of the Auto Digi Expo saw an overwhelming response from the global automotive industry. Industry leaders, peers and international eminent speakers attended the Expo.



There were more than 5400 live interactions in the form of audio/video meetings, WhatsApp conversations, email interactions and website clicks during the first edition.



The Conference hall of the Auto Digi Expo (first edition) was filled with attendees who soaked up all the exclusive industry insights shared by our esteemed speakers.

What makes the Expo stand out
Why Auto Digi Expo?
The Auto Digi Expo facilitates connections between auto parts makers, automotive manufacturers and others in the global automotive industry.
More Choices

If you are an integral player in the Automotive industry in search of vendors, suppliers or potential partners for strategic tie-ups, then the Auto Digi Expo is the place to be for you.

Best Virtual Experience

The open grounds, trade halls, exhibition booths, 3D product displays, 360° vision, HD videos and multiple interaction options create a Virtual environment like no other.

Knowledge Empowerment with the Auto Digi Expo - Edition II
  • The Auto Digi Expo’s conference sessions are a treat for industry insiders.
  • The sessions are delivered by Industry Experts, Scholars and Entrepreneurs from the Automotive industry.
  • They share knowledge about the latest trends, technology and what to expect in the future from the Auto sector.