Auto Digi Expo - Edition II

22nd to 25th February, 2022
Exhibit at the automotive virtual conference

Why Exhibit at the automotive virtual conference?

  • The most comprehensive virtual conference(Auto Digi Expo) for exhibitors in the automotive sector for better business opportunities.
  • Meet globally qualified buyers and reputed sellers at the virtual conference.
  • Connect with 2000+ key decision-makers from India, Germany, Russia, Canada, and many other nations.
  • Directly interact with Buyer Delegations of various Auto Organizations from India, Germany, Switzerland, and Canada.
  • Showcase your products in 3D, build interactive 3D booths on our platform
  • Get bigger opportunities to design impactful branding inside the booths in the feature-packed exhibition booth.
  • Access to Augmented Reality (AR) and Virtual Reality (VR) based platforms to connect with visitors in the specific product booths according to their interests.
  • Specialised B2B meetings with top 50 Global Auto buyers.
Exhibitor's Profile
Transmission Engine & Engine Components Components & Parts Electricals Electronics Interior EV Others
Clutch Engine Brakes and Brake Parts Wires & Cables Engine Computer and Management System Dashboard & Console Meters Electric Vehicles OEM (2W, 3W, 4w) Exhaust System & Components
Flywheel Radiator BIW Wiring Harness Engine Control Unit AC Cabins, AC Systems Electric Motor Design & Engineering Services
Gear & Gearbox Engine Block, Engine Head, Cylinder Head Steering and Steering Components Switches, Relays Central Locking System Seating System High Voltage Battery Pack, Fuel Cell Automation, Testing and Simulation
Axle & Shafts Engine Parts (Valve, Cover, Fan etc.) Suspension & Parts Headlight Sensors (all types) Seat Parts(Track Bracket, Belt, Cover, Head rest etc. ) Battery Management System IT Software, Consultancy
Universal Joints Compressor Casting & Forging Parts All types of lights(Interior, Fog, Spotlight, Brake, Tail, Indicators etc.) Audio/Video Devices Airbags & Systems DC-AC Converter, Inverter Trims, Doors, Mirrors and Windows
Tyers & Rim Piston, Piston Rods, Connecting Rods, Cam Shaft, Crankshaft, Manifolds Plastic & Rubber Parts Battery & Parts Charging System, Charger port, Chargers Gaskets, Seals, O Rings, Belts, Filters
Turbocharger and Supercharger Bearings, Fasteners, Bolts, Screws, etc. Thermal Management System Label, Decals, Graphics etc
Oils & Lubricants

Features of the Platform for
Auto Digi Expo Edition II

360 degree vision & custom made 3d view


As you will enter the virtual exhibition centre, you will have a realistic view of the trade fair with 3600 vision & custom-made 3D view of centres, products & booths at the automotive expo 2022.

3D product models for real time experience


3D product models showcase opportunities for exhibitors are developed & designed to give the visitors a real-time experience of the products.

Interactive 3d booths for exhibitors


Interactive virtual 3D booths have been built for the exhibitors to exhibit in front of the global audience at the automotive expo 2022.

Auto digi expo b2b meeting seprate space


Auto Digi Expo offers all the exhibitors & visitors to have B2B meetings with potential prospects through the virtual meeting space available on the platform.

Live Conference facility in the auto digi expo


Experts will be addressing trending topics of the global rail industry, through virtual conference halls.

auto digi expo virtual product launch


Auto Digi Expo allows the launch of new products & services through the open ground product display and medium of virtual reality.

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